#Versace Women’s FW16: Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner Stops Traffic in Milan (in Pics)

Post their fall/winter 2016/2017 Fashion Show Menswear last month, #Versace Women’s Fall/Winter Collection 2016 in Milan is back with their stylish extravaganza. The show took off on Feb. 26 with Insta-glamour icons like Gigi Hadid opening and closing the show in style while Kendall Jenner walked during the midway of the show.

Powerful tailoring and oversized coats Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid opening the show in over-sized duffel coat

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1T39rw7

Versace versace_official • Instagram photos and videos

Kendall Jenner later appeared in a metallic silver coat with pink fur lining thrown over a pastel dress

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1TFAWdQ

While Hadid looked resplendent opening the show in an over-sized duffel coat, Jenner showed up in a metallic silver coat with pink fur lining thrown over a pastel dress. Needless to say that the BFFs walked like total pros and added another coveted modeling appearance in their resumes. What we loved is the way lovely Hadid managed her wardrobe malfunction though which revealed more than intended.


Wardrobe malfunction well managed by Gigi Hadid

Image Courtesy – http://bravo.ly/1RafVTT

Hadid later took to Twitter and dismissed the incident saying that such malfunctions happen on the runways quite often.

As per Lauran Cochrane’s review the fall/winter 2016 collection is illustrated as daywear by Donatella Versace. The show highlighted designs what the young women of the world prefer now. From graphic prints paired with complementing trousers, over-sized pastel shade biker jackets or massive sequins sprinkled in jagged patterns over slip dresses to colorful sequined backpacks, metallic heels and shimmery shearling coats, the collection by the upmarket Italian fashion label was mostly wearable.

Oversized sequins

Over-sized sequins in jagged patterns

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1RvhvSN

Versace baroque graphic prints

Graphic patterns and the dynamic new Ryder bag 

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1QaYtAW

Metallic Heels

Dramatic metallic heels

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/21znrz3

#VersacePalazzoEmpire bag1

#VersacePalazzoEmpire bag in bright hues and adorned with special accessories

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/21zlZwo

The Milan Versace Women’s Fall/Winter Collection 2016 was a splendor with flamboyant cuts and gorgeous models while they celebrated a woman’s strength and individuality. So feats your senses with some of our picks from the glamorous event, and do not forget to check the exclusive video of the show. Leave your comments below about what you loved about the show..

Video Courtesy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHRwR_eAND4

5 Must Have All-Natural Beauty Products

Ayurveda has been the pride of ancient India and it still proudly maintains its origin with the beauty products made of natural ingredients. We all have grown up listening to the all-natural beauty recipes from our grandma, which are now available in the form of packaged organic beauty products. In this age of stress very few of us find out time to make beauty recipes at home, hence there comes the organic beauty products to your rescue which are a must have.

These products are made of natural ingredients, and are used in the maximum possible composition for your benefit. So let’s help you explore the 5 must have all-natural beauty products in India that actually work..

Forest Essentials

5 must have organic beauty products that actually work: Forest Essential

Forest Essential

 Forest Essentials, which they also call “Food for Skin” is one of our favorites and once you start using the range we are sure even you would fall in love with their products. It is one of the eminent and coveted organic brands in India which uses additives like, naturally grown unadulterated cold-pressed oils, organically extracted rich essential oils, herbs and more in their beauty products.

Organic beauty products from Forest Essential

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub, 50g

Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan, 60g

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser, 200ml

More Forest Essential products

Yes, they cost you on the higher end, but all good things come at a price, isn’t it? Give their Organic Fruit Scrub, Tejasvi Light Emulsion or the Rose Petal Lip Balm a try for a beautiful glowing skin.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually wor:Omved

Chemical free products that provides you a celestial living experience, is the motto of OmVed. The company believes in products that are hand-made, homegrown (made in India), made of organic ingredients, free of any harsh chemicals, follows fair trade, and environment friendly.

Omved organic beauty products

Omved Eye Contour Gel 15 Gm

Omved Healthy Hair Pack 50 Gm

Omved Mrudu Bathbar 125G

Explore budget products from Omved

From soaps, soaks, scrubs and face washes to shampoos, conditioners or Tees and Towels, OmVed deals in a vast range of products. Our lust have list includes their soaps, body oils, aromatherapy foot soak, and the eye contour gel.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:FabIndia


Looking for organic products in a budget? Just find products from FabIndia on the shelf and you have your woes resolved. The company offers some of the best beauty products in the market made of natural ingredients. And not just that, they are even pocket-friendly!

Fabindia Neem Tulsi Mud Pack 100ml

Fabindia Khus and Aloe Vera Body Wash 250ml

Whether organic soaps, shower gels, or body oils the products are extremely invigorating and gentle to your skin, and hence these are a must try.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:Nyassa


Nyassa is another popular brand that is known for its organic products, and free of any harmful chemicals. From body soaps to bath salts, the company has a holistic range of beauty products that a woman dies for. Well, to say that least, the products are pocket friendly too, with most of the products available at reasonable price tag.

Nyassa Himalayan Pink Salt with essential minerals

Nyassa Under the Ocean Body Lotion

Nyassa Southern Spice Handmade Soap 150 gm

More organic beauty products from Nyassa

Their must try list includes the range of bath salts and body oils (Argan Oil) which will rejuvenate your skin instantly.

The Nature’s Co.

5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:Nature's Co

Nature’s Co

Beauty products range from The Nature’s Co. has gained some rave reviews recently due to their organic approach. The products are chemical free and made of natural ingredients in the best possible way to help you with a naturally glowing skin. The TNC range boasts of high-quality products that are gentle to your skin in the most natural way.

The Natures Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash, 125ml

Nature’s Essence Papaya Kit, 40gm

Nature’s Professional Gold Bleach ? 410Gms

We specially love their rejuvenating face washes, like the one made of cucumber and the masks that exfoliate your skin with the help of corn as its main ingredient.

How To Rock the Monochrome Fashion?

The moment we think that the monochrome mania is a passé, a new trend sneaks in to rock the fashion world! Are you struggling to get the right look with monochrome? We surely understand that dilemma, since it’s not just about sporting the black and white combo but wearing the right cut with the right accessory and carrying it with the right attitude does the magic. So for all those pretty butterflies we show you how to rock the monochrome fashion..

  1. Suit Up

Want to brighten up that otherwise mundane day at office? Then do it in style with the super chic look by Sophie, follow the dazzling glamorized look by Kim Kardashian with matching accessories or simply play it down like the hot Angelina Jolie.

Suit Up

  1. All Black

Get the all black Michael Kors look by Tanaaz Bhatia, with those leather skinnies and chic sandals in frills. Lili Allen does it equally well exuding that oomph factor looking super elegant in that pencil skirt and plunging neckline with a matching pair of cool printed boots. You can never go wrong with the leather and boots look like Amrita Arora.

All Black11

  1. Prints

When in two minds with prints wear it like Lea Michele in a comfy playsuit (sans the accessories) or take a cue from Kajol who’s flaunting it with minimal accessories, sticking to just a statement belt and a wristlet.


  1. Shorts

Amrita Arora sports the casual yet natty look with aplomb. Rachael and Shraddha Kapoor does it well too and look cute and super chic at the same time.


  1. Polka Dots

Wearing polka dots can be a bit tricky in monochrome unless you do it like the talented Kangana or the sophisticated look by Amy Adams in a halter gown. When in doubt look cool with hybrid prints like SJP.

Polka Dots 33

  1. Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit trend takes a new twist with wild prints on cotton or the hip combo..


  1. Pencil Skirts

Show your curves with the pencil skirts in the right mash up like Mandira or Kareena, in the perfect contours and fab paneling.


  1. Dress

Dress it up like Sarah Jessica Parker teaming a short dress with a jacket, with the superb bow silk dress like Kirsten or flaunt those silhouettes like Sonam or Aishwarya.


  1. Pants

Whether in the traditional black and white, solid single colors, in a contrast or with a tuxedo on, the pants are the perennial fashion wear for all.


  1. Frocks

Whether in horizontal stripes, silk or in checks the frock trend is timeless and just so cute.

















7 Beauty Hacks to Get Silky Smooth Legs

Okay, so you are all set with your hair spa and facial routine, but when was the last time you took a service for your legs? Well, that’s the story with most of us as we tend to be more conscious about the skin on our face, neck or hands. However, we completely ignore our legs which need more attention compared to the duties that they are involved in. When looked after properly, your legs can be your greatest assets. So today in this article you will find 7 beauty hacks for silky smooth legs that will give you smooth and beautiful legs in no time.

Silky Soft Legs

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Silky Soft Legs

Silky Soft Legs

Before even you get into a regimen for your limbs it is extremely imperative to get rid of any unwanted hair. Whether you opt for waxing, shaving or hair removal creams it’s your choice, however, you need to be careful not to hurt yourself. This may result in cuts and bruises leading to ugly marks which you surely do not want.

Veet Hair Removal Cream Brightening Normal to Dry Skin, 60g

Veet Naturals Hair Removal Cream, Normal To Dry Skin – 25 g

Therefore, make sure that you visit quality salons, use safe razors, and check your skin’s sensitivity towards the creams. But, if you’ve already have any scars, use anti-marks creams to get rid of them.

Treat your legs with Foot Spa

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Treat your Legs with Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Treat your legs with foot spa at least once a month which should include, pedicure, massage and cuticle care. If you are on a budget, give your feet warm water soak at home. Have a pedicure set handy, which should include a scrub, Vaseline, heel brush, rock salt and lemon.

VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit

Nature’s Essence Manicure Pedicure Hand and Foot Care Kit, 100gm

Soak your feet for 10 minutes in the warm water, scrub with foot scrubber, inside peel of the lemon or a scrub, and Follow it up with a massage with any good oil, such as olive oil, baby oil, or coconut oil from the feet till the knees to help maintain proper blood flow along the nerves. Now finish the routine by applying any good body lotion.

Hydration is the Key

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Hydration is the Key

Hydration is the Key

Moisturize the skin of your legs regularly as you would do for your facial skin or hands.

Rustic Art Organic Hand & Foot Care Lotion

Oriflame Feet Up Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream

This will hydrate the skin and make them soft and smooth by getting rid of any irritation, dryness or scaling.

Remember Cuticle Care

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Remember Cuticle Care

Remember Cuticle Care

Do not forget to take care of your cuticles. Warm two teaspoons of olive oil and mix it with two drops of eucalyptus oil plus one teaspoon of Jojoba oil.

Vedicline Cuticle & Nail Cream – 65 ml

Indrani Cuticle Cream

Massage this in to the ends of your cuticle and push back.

Get Rid of Those Ugly Heels

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Get Rid of Those Ugly Heels

Get Rid of Those Ugly Heels

Make sure that you do not have cracked heels, especially when you wear and shoes dresses that do not cover your feet. It definitely looks ugly and pulls your self-confidence down in minutes.

Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream, 50 grams

Heel Repair & Care Cream For Rough, Dry & Cracked Feet – 50 ML

Scrub your heels regularly and moisturize them with market available lotions or with a mix of glycerin and rose water for softer and beautiful heels at all times.

Tan Free Look

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: Tan Free Look

Tan Free Look

To avoid a sun tan, apply a good sunscreen with high SPF along the length of your legs if you are wearing short dresses. You can also use skin lightening lotions in order to maintain the real skin tone.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Skin Lightening Anti-Tan Sunblock Spf 30, 50g

Oshea Glowpure Anti Tan Scrub

Also, be careful of any harsh chemicals if you are using artificial tanners.

Why Dark Knees?

7 beauty tips for lovely legs: why dark knees

why dark knees

We are sure; you are not one of those who would like to be around with those ugly dark knees! So simply get rid of them right now, especially if you like to flaunt your legs in minis and hot pants. Remove the dead cells while in a shower by rubbing them gently with a body scrubber and follow up with proper moisturization.

Biocare Shea Butter Body Scrub 500Ml

Etheric Khus (Vetiver) Body Scrub

You can also apply a mixture of honey and lemon as a home remedy.

So simply follow these 7 beauty tips for lovely legs for a glowing smooth skin today!


Unique Designer Lenghas for the Bride-To-Be

Unique Designer Lenghas for the Bride-To-Be

Many of us must have seen our mothers holding on to their wedding sarees (silk, benarasi silk) for years and getting them polished at regular intervals to keep their shine on. But gone are the days of the traditional saree and enter designer lenghas for the bride to be. It’s a cherry on the cake if it’s a creation by one of the famous designers. Now come on! Which bride to be would not like to flaunt her Nita Lulla or the latest sensation Abu Jani? Sounds familiar? Oh! How can you forget the big fat Arpita Khan Wedding and the magnificent lengha that she sported by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla?

For all you angelic and graceful beauties out there who are soon to enter their nuptial ties we have listed a few of the unique designer lenghas for the bride-to-bes.


Image Courtesy – www.peachesandblush.com

This bridal lengha by the celebrated Manish Malhotra undoubtedly steals the show during the India Couture Week 2014 with loads of gold work and flaunted by the cute actress Alia Bhatt.

Bridal Lehenga Manish22

Image Courtesy – www.peachesandblush.com

A signature work by Manish Malhotra, this brilliant and almost delectable piece is detailed with gota, zardosi and mirror work.

Bridal Lehenga33

Image Courtesy – www.idiva.com

Exclusive, unconventional and minus any gaudy or flashy elements, this Khadi bridal lengha by the leading fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukharjee exudes sophistication and style in a subtle manner.

Bridal Lehenga44

Image Courtesy – www.idiva.com

Another jewel from Sabyasachis’ creation, this golden lengha barely gives you a chance to hold on to your temptations.

Bridal Lehenga55

Image Courtesy – www.pinterest.com

This full sleeved dazzling lengha worn by the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez and designed by Anju Modi grabbed the eyeballs with its detailed embellished choli and the suave dupatta in white net.

Bridal Lehenga66

Image Courtesy – www.pinterest.com

A simply heavenly creation by the acclaimed designer sisters Nickie Ali and Nabina Nila Khan of the designer brand Nickie Nina, the bridal lengha is inspired by individual Mughal empresses.

Bridal Lehenga77

Image Courtesy – www.pinterest.com

The collections from Nickie Nina give you that royal feel with their exquisite designs. From the superior fabric, detailed embroidery to the cut, everything about the outfits makes a statement.

Bridal Lehenga88

Image Courtesy – meriurdu.com

Created by the beautiful Pakistani designer Ayesha F Hashwani this unique lengha in a blend of red and golden embroidery is an absolute lust-have this season for the bride-to-be.

Bridal Lehenga9

Image Courtesy – www.mumbairock.com

This sage green lengha for the to-be-brides is an absolute off-beat creativity by the well-known designer duo Ashima Leena. This piece de gives you the unconventional touch leaving the usual red and gold behind.

Bridal Lehenga10

Image Courtesy – www.thedelhibride.com

Probably one of the most atypical wedding dresses of the season with an unusual mix of colors and the exquisite mirror work, this is a creation by Suneet Verma and showcased at the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2014.





Innocent smiles, stress-free life, or unlimited fun, there’s a lot that a baby enjoys. But there virgin supple skin is what is most desired even by their moms! The products that are used for children are free of hypo-allergens and chemicals that are found in beauty products. The products are specially made for children are therefore, much gentler and provides additional moisture to the adult skin. So why should your tiny tot have all the fun? Let’s take a quick look at the 7 beauty products to steal from babies for a baby-soft skin.

Baby Shampoo

7 beauty products to steal from babies: Baby Shampoo

Add volume to your otherwise lifeless tresses during summers with a baby shampoo. And what’s more, it also helps remove any excess grease from your hair without causing any dryness.

Johnson’s Baby NMT Shampoo (200ml)

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo (200ml)

Baby shampoos are extremely safe for your regular hair wash routine as they maintain the pH balance of your hair. They are mild and do not rip your hair off natural oils even on daily use.

Baby Powder

7 beauty products to steel from babies: Baby Powder

Why depleting your savings on an expensive dry shampoo, when you have a solution handy within a reasonable price range? Simply dust your oily hair with some of the baby powder and get the just out of the shower look for your hair instantly. This is a quick fix for those running short of time for a hair wash.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder (400 gram)

Johnson’s Baby Powder Blossoms (200g)

The baby powder can also turn into a great makeup fixing product for that greasy skin post application of foundation. Just apply some of it on your face and neck area above the foundation and there you go!

Baby Wipes

7 beauty products to steel from babies: Baby Wipes

Missing those facial wipes on the go as makeup clings on your face? Don’t fret, as your baby will be your best savior during this crisis. Wondering how? Simply grab the baby wipes and clean your face and neck with it.

Johnson’s Baby Hand and Face Wipes (6 Packs, 25 Sheets per Pack)

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Wipes (72 Sheets)

The soft tissue infused with safe ingredients will not only help remove makeup or excess grease, but also impart a fresh look during summertime.

Baby Wash or Baby Soap

7 beauty products to steel from babies: Baby wash and soap

All your dry or sensitive skin woes are solved with the use of mild soaps and washes used for infants. These body washes and soaps are specially made and hence, extremely gentle to your skin.

Johnson’s Baby Top To Toe Wash (500ml)

Johnson’s Baby Soap (150g)

Himalaya Herbals Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap 75 g

You can also pamper your feet by adding a few drops to your warm water soak, or simply use it as a mild handwash.

Baby Lotion

7 Beauty Products to Steel from Babies: Baby Lotion

Baby lotions are made of milder formations, and therefore do not load your skin with excess moisture. They not just smell divine, but also make your skin soft and supple like a baby without making it greasy.

Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion (400ml)

Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion (100ml)

While the baby lotions hydrate your skin perfectly, they also safeguard your skin against any dryness or hypersensitivity.

Baby Oil

7 Beauty Products to Steel from Babies: Baby Oil

Ever thought that oil you use for the daily massage of your little one can turn into a beauty fix in a jiffy? If you are a fan of eye makeup, but do not want to spend that extra dough on the eye-makeup remover, simply dab a cotton bud into the baby oil and wipe off that eyeliner, mascara or the eye shadow.

Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E (500ml)

Himalaya Herbals Baby Massage Oil (200ml)

The baby oils are filled with minerals, and hence softer to your skin. So use them as an eye-makeup remover or just as a post-shower hydration for your body, it does a great job as both.

Diaper Rash Cream

7 baby products to steel from babies: Diaper Rash Cream

Double up your baby’s diaper rash cream as a winter essential. Perk up those chapped lips by using it as a lip balm during the cold days.

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream, 50g

Johnson’s Baby Diaper Rash Cream, 40g

You can also maintain the softness of your skin by applying on your facial skin. The safe ingredients protect your skin against any hypersensitivity and prevent the formation of rashes.

So, you can happily steal these 7 beauty products from your babies to get that much desired supple skin, as only in this case stealing is not a punishable offense


There’s nothing better than a perfect blouse to complement a beautiful Saree. While a Saree imparts that ultimate feminine charm and enhances a female figure to perfection, a matching customized blouse brings out the best in the eternal Indian ensemble. Blouse designs have evolved over the years to be in tune with the contemporary times, and now the mix & match trend has taken the fashion a step up.

To boost the look of your favorite Saree, all you need is blouse that’s exquisitely crafted and fits like dream. And, to achieve that there’s no better option than custom order your blouse with a design that flaunts your curves. So let’s inspire you with some of the customized blouse designs which you can mix & match with your Saree for that trendy look in your traditional attire.

Bralet Blouse

A backless bralet is the perfect way to show off your sexy back, and if it’s in a contrast shade it raises that oomph level of your otherwise simple Saree. We love the gray piece that Priyanka is sporting here with a neon green Saree.



Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1OSOmyq


Closed neck Blouse

The style diva she is, Sonam makes a statement with her appearance each time. So when she decided to pair this metal zipped intricately embroidered close neck ethnic blouse with a Saree dress, we fell in love with it at the first sight.

Sonam embroidered


Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1P8lsLv


This fashion never seems to fade off, as sequins can bring life even to the most boring designs and brighten up an occasion. Nothing beats a gold sequined straight neck sleeveless blouse which can rock a plain red or a black effortlessly.

Mumbai -2-Feb-Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor daughter Ahana Deol's sangeet ceremony in Mumbai on Saturday, February 1st, 2014, evening PTI Photo by Sunil khandare


sequined black


Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1McMoeF


What better than a heavily embroidered blouse to add glamour to your elementary Saree? Match a quintessential black heavy work full sleeve with a half and half saree, or a detailed mirror work one like the one that Shilpa seems to be rocking with her plain orange number.

2Even the Kuttchi embroidery blouses are in much demand these days. Check out Shilpa Shetty donning one such blouse paired with contrasting Orange plain saree.



Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1Htgumi

Alluring Back Cuts

Add a glamorous touch to a heavily embellished blouse or a simple one with that sensuous back cut. Experiment with back designs and those deep back cuts and dazzle through any occasion with much aplomb.


Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1KTafjn

simple back cut


Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1InYo9b

Contrast Colors

Who other than the fashion queen of the B-Town, Sonam Kapoor, to show you how to mix and match contrast colors or even Rani here with that sassy orange sleeveless. Play with colors, but ensure that you match the right colors and do not go overboard. We simply love the neon combination sported by the divas.



Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1W3IqrO

contrast colorImage Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1NchNLu