5 Must Have All-Natural Beauty Products

5 Must Have All-Natural Beauty Products
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Ayurveda has been the pride of ancient India and it still proudly maintains its origin with the beauty products made of natural ingredients. We all have grown up listening to the all-natural beauty recipes from our grandma, which are now available in the form of packaged organic beauty products. In this age of stress very few of us find out time to make beauty recipes at home, hence there comes the organic beauty products to your rescue which are a must have.

These products are made of natural ingredients, and are used in the maximum possible composition for your benefit. So let’s help you explore the 5 must have all-natural beauty products in India that actually work..

Forest Essentials

5 must have organic beauty products that actually work: Forest Essential

Forest Essential

 Forest Essentials, which they also call “Food for Skin” is one of our favorites and once you start using the range we are sure even you would fall in love with their products. It is one of the eminent and coveted organic brands in India which uses additives like, naturally grown unadulterated cold-pressed oils, organically extracted rich essential oils, herbs and more in their beauty products.

Organic beauty products from Forest Essential

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub, 50g

Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan, 60g

Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser, 200ml

More Forest Essential products

Yes, they cost you on the higher end, but all good things come at a price, isn’t it? Give their Organic Fruit Scrub, Tejasvi Light Emulsion or the Rose Petal Lip Balm a try for a beautiful glowing skin.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually wor:Omved

Chemical free products that provides you a celestial living experience, is the motto of OmVed. The company believes in products that are hand-made, homegrown (made in India), made of organic ingredients, free of any harsh chemicals, follows fair trade, and environment friendly.

Omved organic beauty products

Omved Eye Contour Gel 15 Gm

Omved Healthy Hair Pack 50 Gm

Omved Mrudu Bathbar 125G

Explore budget products from Omved

From soaps, soaks, scrubs and face washes to shampoos, conditioners or Tees and Towels, OmVed deals in a vast range of products. Our lust have list includes their soaps, body oils, aromatherapy foot soak, and the eye contour gel.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:FabIndia


Looking for organic products in a budget? Just find products from FabIndia on the shelf and you have your woes resolved. The company offers some of the best beauty products in the market made of natural ingredients. And not just that, they are even pocket-friendly!

Fabindia Neem Tulsi Mud Pack 100ml

Fabindia Khus and Aloe Vera Body Wash 250ml

Whether organic soaps, shower gels, or body oils the products are extremely invigorating and gentle to your skin, and hence these are a must try.


5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:Nyassa


Nyassa is another popular brand that is known for its organic products, and free of any harmful chemicals. From body soaps to bath salts, the company has a holistic range of beauty products that a woman dies for. Well, to say that least, the products are pocket friendly too, with most of the products available at reasonable price tag.

Nyassa Himalayan Pink Salt with essential minerals

Nyassa Under the Ocean Body Lotion

Nyassa Southern Spice Handmade Soap 150 gm

More organic beauty products from Nyassa

Their must try list includes the range of bath salts and body oils (Argan Oil) which will rejuvenate your skin instantly.

The Nature’s Co.

5 must have organic beauty products that actually work:Nature's Co

Nature’s Co

Beauty products range from The Nature’s Co. has gained some rave reviews recently due to their organic approach. The products are chemical free and made of natural ingredients in the best possible way to help you with a naturally glowing skin. The TNC range boasts of high-quality products that are gentle to your skin in the most natural way.

The Natures Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash, 125ml

Nature’s Essence Papaya Kit, 40gm

Nature’s Professional Gold Bleach ? 410Gms

We specially love their rejuvenating face washes, like the one made of cucumber and the masks that exfoliate your skin with the help of corn as its main ingredient.

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